Welcome to Friedgram, We Friedgram assuring Everyone for "QUALITY FRIEDGRAM PRODUCTS" at all times anywhere in the world. Our products are available in different gauges and different packing sizes.



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Fried Gram

Shipping & Delivery:

It takes between 1working day for us to deliver your ordered merchandize from the time you place the order on our site. friedgrams.in ensures that the fastest and most efficient dispatch & delivery chain is in place to get your order(s) to you as swiftly as possible from our warehouse. The goods will be delivered within 3-5 working days from the date of dispatch for all deliveries within India. On dispatch we will send you a mail mentioning the details of the courier service used.

Delivery Area:

friedgrams.in delivers to locations within the geographical boundary of India.

Delivery Method:

friedgrams.in dispatches all parcels using a courier chosen according to your order to offer you fast and reliable delivery. You can track your delivery via My Account / Manage orders.

Delivery Problem:

Despite our best efforts and those of our courier, certain issues can arise before your parcel is delivered. In order to guarantee you a quality service, friedgrams.in promises to do its best to find the causes and resolve the problem in a timely manner.