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Fried Gram

Fried Bengal Gram :

India is 1st in Fried Bengal Gram production in world. Indian share of Fried Bengal Gram production around 70% of total world production. It is known by many name like Chickpea, Bengal gram, Roasted Bengal Gram in India it’s famous as Chana. It is available in India as light brown types of color and white. It is richer in protein and carbohydrate compare to any other pulses.

Types of Fried Bengal Gram :

There are mainly two kind of Fried bengal gram,

Desi Fried Bengal Gram

The dark colored, small sized variety, also called Fried bengal gram or Kala chana, mostly cultivated in the Indian subcontinent, Mexico, Ethopia and Iran.

Kabuli Fried Bengal Gram

The light colored, bigger seed variety, also called Safed chana, mostly grown in Southern Europe, Chile, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent.

About Fried Bengal Gram :

Indian Fried bengal gram is very testy for eat and very nutrition in nature. We have wide experience of this field for growing Fried bengal gram so it is useful for give quality of Fried bengal gram.

Fried Bengal gram is widely appreciated as health food. It is a protein-rich supplement to cereal-based diets, where people are vegetarians or cannot afford animal protein. The pulse proteins are rich in lysineand have low sulfur containing amino acids. It offers the most practical means of eradicating protein malnutrition amongvegetarian children and nursing mothers. Fried Bengal gram has a very important role in human diet in our country.

Nutrition Facts of Fried Bengal Gram :

Fried Bengal Gram are very rich in phytonutrients like quercetin, kaempferol and myricetin that are concentrated in the seed coat while ferulic acid, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid and vanillic acid are concentrated in the cotyledons.

These phytonutrients are excellent antioxidants as well as many of them are anti inflammatory. Fried bengal gram contain excellent amounts of molybdenum and manganese.

They are also rich in folates and are food sources of dietary fiber, protein, copper, iron and phosphorus.

Fried bengal gram are sodium and cholesterol free and are a good source of carbohydrates.

Health Benefits of Fried Bengal Gram :

Reduces Risk of Cancer

Reduces Cholesterol

Stabilizes Sugar Levels

Controls Weight Gain

Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Maintains Blood Hemoglobin And Energy Levels

Resolves Digestive Issues